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What has Pascal Cotte at Lumeire technologies Discovered about the

Mona Lisa?

Stratford Upon Avon or Shoreditch?

There is a huge industry reliant on William Shakespeare, with in the region of 6 million visitors to Stratford annually. The Birth Place Trust had visitors of over 800 thousand in 2013 and I should imagine the figure for this year, the  400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death will be closer to, or exceed 1 million!

With the excavation work in Shoreditch 

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www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk    Click on Link for details about Statford-upon-avon, The Birthplace of Shakespeare.

London, where 'The Curtain' theatre site is being revealed (showing it to be rectangular and not round, as it was believed all were), Shoreditch is looking to get a piece of the Tourist action. Claims are being made that as Shakespeare spent his 'working' life in London, he was a 'Shoreditch' boy! 

These excavations are fascinating and of course, Shakespeare  did 'work' in London and Shoreditch  should benefit from this history and have a piece of the pie, however, Shakespeare was from Stratford upon Avon, he retired back there, his family home was there as are the homes of his relatives that can still be visited today, including the house he was born in. Shoreditch would have to go some to achieve the 'feel' that you are going back in time and that you are where Shakespeare has been that is at Stratford. Stratford is a wonderful place to visit and stay and all ways will be, London too is a wonderful tourist destination with so much to offer, and adding any further tourist destinations that help you understand the Bard more and have a feel for how he worked can only be a good thing for the tourist and locals alike, but for me, William Shakespeare's home and spiritual centre will always be Stratford-upon- avon.

Late in 2015 fascinating news about the Mona Lisa was revealed, ws there another Mona Lisa beneath the original ? See Link to BBC news below;