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​For pictures of William Sakespeare and details of Shakespeare life and William Shakespeare s family and pictures of William Shakespeare aswell as information about William Shakespeare here is Is This William Shakespeare portrasit of William Shakespeare Is This William Shakakespeare portrait of William Shakespeare

​Is This William Shakespeare portrait of William shakespeare

is this William Shakespeare portrait of William Shakespeare includes details about Shakespeare life William shakespeare's family information about William Shakespeare and pictures of William shakespeare

Please open YouTube link below to see Droeshout merger.

"It is Shakespeare's Face"

​Simon Andrew Stirling, The Faces of Shakespeare: Revealing Shakespeare's Life & Death through Portraits & other objects.

LINK    Goldsmiths University of London Peer reviewed paper.


   pictures of William Shakespeare portraits of William shakespeare

William Shakespeare
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​Pictures of William ShakespeareS THIS WILLIAM sHAKESPEARE​ ​portrait of William shakespeare

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is this william Shakespeare pictures of William shakespeare, Shakespeare life and William Shakespeare s family including information about william Shakespeare and Is This William Shakespeare portrait of william shakespeare  with details of chandos cobbe and droeshoutof Shakespeare     

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​​​Our Mission

Our mission & the purpose of the, 'is this William Shakespeare' website is to discover the truth as to who the sitter is (is this a picture of William Shakespeare?) in The Wadlow portrait & to work with individuals, organisations or Institutes who can help move our research forward and uncover what lays beneath over-paint, "The Key to The Door" for identification & proof of sitter.

Analysis suggests that this is a 'Life' portrait, The TOP experts in the field state it is ENGLISH, artist & style. 
In contrast to other portraits that claim to be Shakespeare (none are proven) we are confident that we can uncover evidence which may prove our theory.   

Please see 'about us' to understand how our quest began & why we have resorted to social media (links below) and the Internet.

The portrait has been subject to much scrutiny by leading art experts, connoisseurs and subjected to technical analysis in the UK and France.

All are satisfied that the portrait is genuine to the period of Shakespeare, with date estimates ranging from 1595. 

​We hope that those interested in what William Shakespeare looked like and portraits of William Shakespeare, from all around the Globe take a look at our site.

Please contact us if you think you can help or if you have any questions or comments. You can email via our contacts page.